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So as any Athenian would know, last weekend was Halloween weekend. What might be so special about Halloween weekend, you ask? Well, it’s only the best excuse to wear things that would freak out your mother, wear practically nothing (I’m talking about you, Mr. Elmo-mask-in-a-thong) and drink till petting a police horse sounds like a good idea. Ohio University’s Halloween block party sees the city’s population nearly double, and is a great excuse to try new beer.

In the grand tradition of OU Halloween, I had my friend Jordan (affectionately known as Jord) come down to visit. He would have last year, but he was too busy campaigning for some dude. But little did I know, Tyler (Tyty), who had been hitch hiking around the country, had also come to visit for the weekend.


I swear that isn't my Rolling Rock.

Jord went as a “Clint Eastwood inspired cowboy,” Tyty was…well, Tyty (a bum. JK Tyty) and I went as Dexter Morgan, from the hit Showtime TV series, Dexter. I had to shave for my costume, and my chin has never felt so cold…

But from the nether reaches of our state’s capital, Jord and Tyty brought me Columbus Brewing Co.’s 90 Shilling Ale, on the condition I reviewed it for my blog. Not being one to turn down free beer (unless it’s Coor’s. Fuck that), I gladly accepted.


Comrade Beer.

Now, though I have a brother at Ohio State, because everyone who DOESN’T GO TO THAT SCHOOL shits their pants over the football team, I have an unnatural aversion to anything out of Columbus. That being said, I promised to give the beer a fair taste.

We had the beer with a Little Caesar’s Hot ‘N Ready, which wasn’t a bad pairing. Scottish Ales are known for being less hoppy and having a malty, sweet finish. It poured a very nice amber color with an off-white head. Jord, having seen my video on how to pour a beer, made fun of my inability to get “two fingers of head,” but nonetheless, the beer poured a nice head, and smelled of roasted malt, and faintly of coffee and caramel. It tasted malty, but the dominant flavors were toffee and caramel. It was sweet, but not off-putting; not nearly as sweet as a chocolate stout. It’s a good beer with food, especially pork dishes, but there are better one’s out there for sipping on.

Overall Grade: a solid B.

What did you go as for Halloween? And did you get to try any new beers?


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It’s the hap-happiest time of the year! That’s right, Athens Halloween: an excuse to wear outlandish costumes, or wear practically nothing, and start drinking at noon. Admittedly, it’s probably not the most responsible holiday, but at least nobody has lit couches on fire for the last couple of years.

Athens Halloween and beer go together hand in hand. I could admonish you to drink responsibly, but there’s about as much chance of that happening as me reading “Pride and Prejudice” without the zombies. Instead, I’m going to admonish you to be responsible in your choice of drink. And I’m going to go one step further and give you a map of where to find better beer this Halloween weekend.

Novel idea, but I can't advocate their choice of beer.

Don't let all that beer go to your head.

While Halloween might be an excuse for binge drinking, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with any of the Nati family orĀ Coor’s Light (the mountains turning blue means it’s too cold to taste how bad it is). There are options for finding better beer while you are on or around Court Street. Places like Jackie O’s and Casa Nueva will fill up growlers of any beer on tap, which are great to take home and enjoy before going out. But if you are already out and about and looking for some libations, this map will help you find the best beer for your buck.

Red markers indicate vendors who sell poor-quality beer (the aforementioned blue mountain varieties), or just have a very limited selection. Yellow stores sell some good micro brews, but don’t have a great selection. Green stores are your beer Meccas: they not only stock craft beers, but they stock tons of them. Remember, just because the people with the skull bong are drinking PBR, doesn’t mean you have to.

(Hint: look out for Lucky Dog, it’s hidden down Union Street.)

Don’t forget to help me name my beer for a chance to win a free six pack.

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