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I have a man-crush. And a new favorite bar.

On Wednesday, a friend came over, already piss drunk, wanting to go to the bars. I had just been sipping on bourbon and watching a movie, so I thought, hell, it’s a Wednesday night, what else do I have to do?

So we headed out to Broney’s, mostly out of convenience’s sake, as it’s just down the street from me. I’ve never been too hot on Broney’s, as I always thought it was kind of a snooty and pretentious classy place. It’s just a lot, well, cleaner than one would expect a college bar to be. Certainly more so than any other bar on campus. But I digress.

We walk up to the bar and the bartender asks “what kind of stout will you have?”

Be still my heart.

A) you never get immediate service at a bar in Athens. Unless you have boobs. I usually have to sit at the bar for 11 minutes with rolled up $20s in my nose just to get service (come to think of it, that might be why I have to wait so long for service…). And 2) I love stouts!

I tried to play it coy.

“I don’t know, what would you recommend?”

Shout out to my boy, Obeezy

Shout out to my boy, Obeezy

He poured me a Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout. And how appropriate, considering my choice of libation earlier in the night. After a few of those, I didn’t remember too much else about that night (it was 8.5 percent ABV!) so I ended up buying a four pack from the dreaded Lucky Dog.

What makes this stout special is that it’s aged in Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon barrels for 60 days before bottling, giving it a distinct bourbon flavor.

Too much head can be a bad thing

Too much head can be a bad thing

When poured into a glass from a bottle the beer practically exploded, leaving 11 fingers of head. I’ve had some pretty poor pours before (see what I did there), but I’m more inclined to blame it on the beer here, as it happened bottle after bottle. I just let it sit, though, and after a while it settled, and the rest of the bottle went in fine.

alrightThe beer actually smelled like bourbon, with hints of caramel. It tastes much like it smells, bourbony with hints of caramel and chocolate. The bourbon is the most prevalent flavor, but it isn’t overpowering. The beer is sweet, but not to a fault. It’s a thick beer, but that’s how I like them. It would go well with Cincinnati chili, steak, or just for sipping by itself. Because of its price ($10.99 for a four pack) and high ABV, I wouldn’t recommend it for drinking before going out, but if you want a beer to enjoy with dinner or on a Sunday afternoon while watching the game, this is for you.

Overall Grade: B+


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