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If you remember last time I tried bottling my beer, the faulty siphon (COUGHoperatorerrorCOUGH) resulted in my only finishing 18 out of 52 bottles (damn you SkyNet…). But tonight I decided to give it another go. Because the day a damn machine prevents me from bottling tasty delicious beer is the day I stop drinking.

el diablo

Damn siphon was taunting me.

So I put on some Marvin Gaye, lit some candles and made sweet love to that machine.

Unable to resist my charms, the siphon worked this time. I was able to fill the remaining 34 bottles with the nectar of life (possible beer name?) before only a gooey residue remained in the Ale Pail.

gooey residue

Gooey residue.


All the empty bottles.

mad capping skills

I've got mad capping skills.

bottled and capped

Bottled and capped.

So now all 52 bottles of beer are fermenting in my apartment. They’ll be ready in 10 days, but my beer still needs a name, and that’s where you come in. Put on your beer naming caps, leave suggestions in a comment, next week I will set up a poll. The person who suggests the winning name gets a free six pack.


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