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The Post, Ohio University’s student newspaper, published a column today on the topic of boozing for the calorie-conscious. Or at least that’s what I would have called it. They titled it “Glut, Sweat, and Fears: Beer without gut: Putting the ‘bro’ in ambrosia.” Despite the butt-clenching cringeworthiness of the headline, it’s a good idea, especially in a binge-drinking college town, if you don’t want to look like this:

Homie loves to imbibe

The Dude imbibes.

The writer of the column covered all types of alcoholic libations, but for the purpose of DML! I’m going to stick with beer.

Now the short answer is, if you want to drink beer and not get fat, don’t. But if you absolutely must (or are a sucker to peer pressure like I am), then all is not lost.

Loved by young and old

Loved by young and old

There’s a reason that every gas station, grocery and convenience store on campus carries Natural Light. And that’s because it’s dirt cheap, has very little taste (subtle hints of homeless-guy urine), and it gets you drunk. But with only 95 calories and 3.2 grams of carbs, you can’t get much much “healthier” than Natty.

All of the light beers are pretty low impact on your body. Keystone Light, Amstel Light, Miller Light, Bud Light; all of these beers have 105 calories or less, and an average of 5g of carbs. But the one downside is, like popular music, most popular beer is super bland and watered down for mass-acceptance. But for some of us, taste is a factor.  It is possible to find a better beer, and not blow up your waistline.

Seals like it. Are you saying that you're better than a seal?

Seals like it. Are you saying that you're better than a seal?

Despite its reputation as a meal in a bottle, Guinness has only 125 calories and 10g of carbs. Have you ever seen a fat Irishman? But dark beers might not be to everyone’s taste.

In the season of fall brews, Flying Dog Dogtoberfest has 146 calories and 11.4g of carbs. If you’re not too worried about carbs, Sam Adams Octoberfest has 165 calories, and their Pale Ale has only 140.

What do you drink when you’re trying to avoid bloating up?


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